Whatever your project we can deliver

Groundworks & Civil Engineering Services

With my knowledge and great understanding of the industry, working across Cambridgeshire, Essex and Suffolk, I can call upon over 25 years of hands-on experience in the civl engineering and groundworks industry.

Whatever your project needs, we can provide a professional service. From planning and budgeting, to pain free execution and perfect finish.

We work with a many projects no matter their size:

  • Small extensions to housing estates
  • Drive ways to car parks for supermarkets
  • Small road and sewer for 10 plots or road and sewer for 50+ units.
  • Commercial builds for big outlet stores
  • Pump stations and pumping mains.

We can and will undertake any works involving roads, drainage, housing, commercial units, earth works and more.

We provide full surveys of the site, working with you on initial costings and always ensuring our clients can understand how much material needs to be brought in or be removed from site.

Most of the costs involved will be the movement of ‘needed’ or ‘not-needed’ material, and with this one element of what we do, it will give and huge insight of what is probably the biggest cost on the job.

Having been involved with so many projects from start to finish we will always give really sound advice into areas that may or may not need to be decided from the beginning of the project.